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Curriculum of Disaster...

... Bill Whitten was the singer and songwriter for the rock bands St. Johnny (1989-1995), Grand Mal (1995-2010) and William Carlos Whitten (2018-?) Listen to St. Johnny : Speed is Dreaming , High as a Kite ... Let it Come Down Listen to Grand Mal :  Bad Timing , Clandestine Songs , Pleasure is No Fun , Maledictions , Love is the Best Con in Town  Listen to William Carlos Whitten Burn My Letters Listen to William Carlos Whitten My Life in Cinema Video playlist Photos, press, odds and ends .... A book of short fiction written by Bill Whitten called BRUTES has been released on Sam Tallent's Too Big to Fail Press .... Pick it up  HERE  and  HERE CONTACT: simone.whale at mail dot com DONATE 

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